Our Clients

Who We Serve

Over our twenty years of working with investors we have worked with nearly every kind of investor there is; retirees, pre-retirees, corporations, non-profit organizations, and trusts, but they all seek one thing in common – simple, honest, straightforward conversation about what they’re trying to achieve and how we can help them. We listen to what our clients say so that we can better provide investment advice to help work towards their goals.

Naturally, our conversations evolve to other aspects of their lives that are equally important. Long-term clients grow to think of us not only as their “investment advisor” but their “financial consultant”. We readily offer our thoughts, opinions and experience on a wide range of financial matters that clients might find helpful. This allows us to share the wealth of our collective clients’ Knowledge, Experience and Commitment.

We find that our clients are much like ourselves and our families – hard-working people who pursue an education and understanding of important topics, such as, investing, but aren’t afraid to work with professionals in developing and implementing their strategies. Our clients recognize, as do we, that there must be some balance in our lives. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to become proficient at everything, so seek professional help where needed.