Working With Us

Becoming a Client

Do you want to know more about investing or working with us as your Financial Consultant? Take this opportunity by contacting our office to schedule an initial meeting. We want to learn more about you, and we want you to learn about us. Only then can you decide if we can be of help to you.

Initial Consultation

There is no cost or obligation for this initial meeting. We know that our services and fees are very competitive within the industry, and will gladly discuss them with you when we meet. We want this first meeting to focus on learning about you and your goals and objectives. Only then can we explain how we believe we can be of help to you in pursuing them. We want new clients to become long-term clients who work with us in partnership to work towards their goals. If we don’t believe we’re a good fit for what you want in a financial professional, we will be honest with you and say so up front. Of course, everything we discuss with you is strictly confidential.

What to Bring

An open mind and willingness to share information. We’ll not only ask the obvious questions about your existing investments, but we’d also like to know what you’ve been satisfied or dissatisfied with in your previous financial relationships. You must be willing to share the details of your existing holdings, income, taxes, goals and objectives. We can be of the most help when we have complete information. Having this information at our initial consultation will allow us to be the most productive. We’ve provided a quick list below as a reference for what material to bring if applicable.

Documents You May Wish to Bring

Current Account Statements, including:

     Credit union/bank statement

     IRA statement

     403(b)/Annuity statement

     Brokerage statement

     Wills & Trusts

     Employer Retirement Statement (401(k), 401(a), 457, etc)

Most recent pay stub(s)

Most recent Federal and State Income Tax Returns

Information regarding your Beneficiaries