Our Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision

Working with hundreds of educators over the past decades, we couldn't help but gain some insight into how educating others can be best achieved. While we have a passion for what we do at work, we understand that for some people dealing with financial matters may be among their least favorite things to do.  With that in mind, we strive to make the process of reviewing your existing investments, hearing our recommendations for possible changes and the implementation of those changes a pleasant experience.  The ongoing monitoring and reviewing of your portfolio under our management should be equally pleasant.  We won’t try to impress you with industry jargon and big words, but, instead, we’ll communicate with straightforward, down-to-earth conversation.

The greatest compliments we can hear is that we made the process enjoyable (or at least tolerable), easy to understand and that our clients are confident that anyone they refer to us will have the same experience.

Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of reaching any goal is a thorough understanding of what is required to achieve that goal. We believe to understand investments requires:

Education: we must provide and you must demand a thorough and clear explanation of the concepts and theory supporting our recommendations.

Allocation: the long-term return of your portfolio is determined primarily by how your funds are allocated among different asset classes, as opposed to when your investments are made or which individual security you select.

Diversification: proper risk management dictates that your assets be broadly and efficiently diversified among various asset classes.

Time Horizon: accurately defining your investment time horizon will help provide you with direction as to what investments are appropriate.

Quality: the most clearly thought out and carefully planned investment strategy is doomed to fail if you do not select quality advisors and investment managers.

It is upon this foundation that we make all of our investment recommendations.